How to create an outdoor mural

Painting a mural on an outdoor fence can bring a boring space to life quickly and easily. Here’s how to get creative…

Step 1

Check you can access the fence you want to paint easily and safely. If you can’t reach properly, you’ll need a ladder or stool.


Step 2

Scrub the fence with a wire brush and water, or use a pressure washer to get rid of any dirt. Painting on a clean surface will give a smoother final result.


Step 3

Choose your colours carefully. Consider incorporating some of the colours inside your home so there’s a sense of cohesion between indoors and outdoors. Ideally, choose a maximum of three or four dominant colours, and two to three accent colours.


Step 4

Measure the fence you’re painting. Then, using chalk, draw a grid so it’s divided up into equal parts. On a piece of paper, draw a grid so you’re looking at the same proportions. Now it’s time to draw your design on the paper. Keep it simple; a hero image with smaller patterns around it can work well.


Step 5

Using the paper grid as a guide, draw your pattern onto the fence with chalk, following the same grid pattern. You should be able to match the drawing so it’s in proportion on the fence. As you draw, step back regularly to check your progress.


Step 6

Now your pattern is drawn on the fence, it’s time to start painting. With a paintbrush, paint round the edge of the hero image. Fill in the rest of the image with a roller. Use the same technique for other big areas. Paint smaller areas last.


Step 7

When the paint is dry, repeat the technique, so the mural has three coats of paint.


Top tip: Use any spare paint for pots or garden furniture so there are accents of colour throughout your outdoor space.

Remember! Choose a warm dry day to paint your mural. If the fence is damp, it will take a long time to dry.

What you’ll need

  • British Paints Exterior 4 Seasons Low Sheen
  • Wire brush or pressure washer
  • Brushes and rollers in different sizes
  • Paper
  • Chalk

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