Create your own Peppa Pig Clubhouse

4 Peppa Pig Banner
4 Peppa Pig Banner

Earn some serious brownie points from your kids with this easy paint project

In partnership with Peppa Pig, we’re inviting families to create memorable shared experiences together. Celebrating the power of friendship and imagination, we encourage you to create a special clubhouse space for your little ones.

Step 1:

Make this easy-to-build flat pack cubby house, $209.

Step 2:

Use a mini roller and brush to prime your club house with British Paints Prep 4in1. This acts as a sealer, primer, undercoat and stain blocker in one, so your cubby is totally child-proof. Start painting at the top, and work your way down to avoid dripping paint.

Step 3:

Wait two hours for the base coat to dry.

Step 4:

Use your roller to paint the roof and window shutters in British Paints 4 Seasons Exterior Low Sheen Fizzy Pink, and the door in Yellow Mania. 4 Seasons is specifically formulated to defend against the changing and seasonal demands of our harsh climate, so your cubby house will look better for longer.

Step 5:

Use a brush to paint the window frames and trim in 4 Seasons Exterior Gloss Love Note.

Step 6:

Once the window frames and trim are dry, apply painter’s tape around the edges of the doors and windows.

Step 7:

Use your roller to coat the walls of the cubby house in British Paints 4 Seasons Exterior Low Sheen Hot Pop Blue.

Step 8:

Don’t forget to paint the inside too! 

What you’ll need

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Want to have some mini Peppa Pig fun? Got some small wooden off cuts? Turn these into mini Peppa Clubhouses by cutting a pitch roof on one end. Paint your mini Peppa Club house in your favourite British Paints colours, and enter your creation by sharing on Instagram and tagging #PeppasClub and #britishpaints. The most creative mini Peppa’s Clubhouse will WIN a Peppa Pig Prize Pack!
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