Let's talk about colour

One of the most overwhelming things about the painting process is the very first step – choosing the colour. And with so much choice, we can’t blame you for finding this part of the process hard! But know that it doesn’t have to be. Overcome your FOMU and get started today with these easy-to-follow tips from our colour experts.

Consider other colours in the room

It’s important to keep in mind the existing colours in your space when choosing what to paint on the walls. Remember to think about your flooring, furniture and existing fixtures, as well the natural and artificial light in the room. Paint looks different in every space, so the best way to choose a colour is to test it in your home!

Warm paint colours vs cool paint colours

Understanding the difference between cool and warm tones is important because what you choose will make a big impact on the finished product. There is no right or wrong choice here though, it’s all about personal preference and what you’re wanting to achieve in the room.

As a rule of thumb:

  • Cool tones like soft greens and blues will give your space an open, relaxed and calm feel
  • Warmer tones (think red, yellows and oranges) are vibrant and active. Use these to bring the cozy vibes

Test it out!

Purchase sample pots in two or three different colours and paint swatches. Our number one tip here – don’t paint the swatches directly on the wall! It’ll just leave you with a bigger job when it comes to completing the painting.

Grab a couple of pieces of A4 paper and paint the swatches onto these. Then just stick them up with blu-tack and observe over the course of the day. Check in at least three times to make sure you like the colour in the changing light. Morning, afternoon and evening are best.

Monochromatic walls for the win

Still worried? Don’t dive in headfirst to a challenging colour scheme. The best and easiest schemes to work with are monochromatic ones. Choose one colour and lighten it or darken it for different elements, you’ll end up with an impactful look that’s also low risk and forgiving. It’s a foolproof way to get colour into your home without getting it wrong!

Now, are you ready to put up a proper fight against FOMU? Good, because we have so much more to share.