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How to transform shabby into chic

Have you ever wanted to transform something in your home from shabby to chic? Whether it’s furniture, walls or simply a piece of interior décor, creating things with your own trademark style can be easy, affordable and fun. Here’s how.

Step One

Begin by sanding down all surfaces with a good quality sand paper until the surface is as smooth as possible. Try to make the first coat of paint the darkest colour in your chosen colour palette and apply it to the body of your project item.

Step Two

It’s a good idea to use a product from theBritish Paints Clean & Protect rangeas this will give you a high quality, finished look.  Once dry, sand back any particularly thick sections, then apply (if desired) a second, lighter colour sparingly over the first. This method is called ‘levelling’.

Step Three

When the paint is completely dry, begin sanding again, really concentrating on getting the worn and aged look you want to achieve.  

Step 4

When you’re happy with the appearance, use a damp cloth and wet it further with a bit of glaze. Apply the glaze to the whole piece to give it that chic, appearance (especially around the edges). The glaze will seal together the various levels of paint and give the whole thing a cohesive finish.

Step 5

Once the glaze has dried, you’re done - just sit back, relax and enjoy your revamped and refreshed look.