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Choosing the right paint for your home

Not all whites were created equal. Whites are often used throughout a whole interior of a home, to create a stylish flow. It’s a look favoured by both architects and interior designers.

Choosing the right white

Our colour specialists at have selected three beautiful white shades from our extensive range. Any of these three colours are ideal for painting an entire interior, with each white creating a slightly different mood.

White for a Family Home

British Paints White Comfort is a warm, inviting white, perfectly suited to a family home. It’s also suitable for a traditional or heritage home or a heritage home where s a more modern extension needs to be seamlessly incorporated.

White for a Modern Home

British Paints Infinity White is a cool, clean white ideal for a sleek, modern look. White luminosity brings harmony and is an ideal backdrop to minimalist styling.

White for a Neutral Backdrop

A neutral white, such as British Paints Arctic Crossing, is a great choice for anyone who likes to incorporate deeper splashes of colour in home furnishings or art. A true neutral like Arctic Crossing is a great choice for those who still seek an overall white impression but want a little more depth and personality.