VOC paints still smelling? We’ll help.

I used British Paints Oil Based Enamel a week ago, and it still smells. Why?

The smell from oil based enamels should clear up after a week. If it hasn’t, it might be because of wet weather, high humidity, poor ventilation or any combination of them.

Do you make low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paint for interior walls?

Of course! British Paints Clean & Protect is a low odour and low VOC paint, with less than 5g/L VOC.

I used British Paints Clean & Protect Interior Matt, but I still smell it two weeks on.

If a water based paint still smells after two weeks, that means it’s still drying. The weather might be the culprit. Humidity can slow the drying process down. Ventilation could be another issue. If the area’s been closed off, solvent might remain trapped in the air. Try ventilating the space with a fan on a low setting. That should also speed up the drying. And a hint of incense might help, till the job’s all done.

Are your VOC paints less washable than normal water based paints?

Our low VOC paints are just as washable as normal water based paints.


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